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Chicken Cuisines

Chicken is one of the major ingredients for tradtion Chinese food. We don't miss the chance to use best cooking skill to make the dishes well.

Pork and Ribs

Among all type of food, Pork is widely used to serve Chinese food. There're menu in this regard here.


For nice Chinese food, beef is also plays an important role. So, the chef and his team always exert the very best to make it as best as possible.

Noodle & Rice Noodle

As a Chinese restaurant, noodle and rice noodle are always used for snacks, lunch or dinner. It's common and important.

Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian food is currently quite common, and acceptable worldwide. Vegetarian cuisines can be served here.

Sea Food

For most Chinese families, sea food is one of the recipes they have for daily meal. So, here're sea food menus as well.

Tasty Cuisines

  • Come and Enjoy!

    Jasper China Restaurant is run by a well-experienced and expertised Cantonese chef. With his honest and deligent working team, delicious Chinese cuisines are offered to customers. The menu is updated from time to time. Please feel free to ask if any questions. Thank you.

Chef's Specials

Showing Only Part of our Authentic Chinese Cuisines