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Jasper China Restaurant

615 Patricia St., Jasper,
Jasper National Park,
AB T0E 1E0 Canada.
Phone: +1 (780) 852 3028

Dine-In Service

Welcome to enjoy the typical Cantonese (Chinese) cuisines here!

Takeaway Service

Takeaway service is available. Please visit us or order by phone.

In-Town Delivery

In-Town Delivery is available for minimum order over $45 (Cash Only).

Tourist Group Meal

Jasper is a tourist zone. Welcome for booking of Tourist Group Meal.

Comfortable Dining Area

Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of relax and joy by dining in this restaurant.

Perfect Venue for Gathering

This is a perfect venue for friends or family gathering.

About Us

Jasper China Restaurant

Jasper China Restaurant is steeped in Chinese culinary tradition and practices. This cozy restaurant in the heart of Jasper explores the diverse flavours of Chinese cuisine. Their expert chef team prepares Cantonese style cooking (more accurately: Guangdong cuisine).

Jasper China Restaurant creates authentic, flavourful food sourced from fresh ingredients, and they also use local products wherever possible. For traditional Chinese chefs, modest spices are used to enhance the quality of the fresh ingredients, so the flavours of the dishes are well balanced. Everyone in the kitchen at Jasper China Restaurant brings experience and tradition to every meal they make, ensuring delicious, wholesome food, every time.

Jasper China Restaurant also specializes in large group events. Group meals range from $18-$24 per person. Reserve ahead for lunch or dinner specialties and feed everyone in your group!

贾斯珀中餐馆 --- 名厨主理、精美中菜、用料上乘,服务周到,宾至如归。欢迎个别人士、聚会、旅行团 : 特设「团餐」款精价廉。欢迎光临!

  • Dine-in Service
  • Takeaway Service
  • In-Town Delivery
  • Tourist Group Meal

It's always our great pleasure of servicing you!

Want to try typical Cantonese (Chinese) food? Come here!

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Client's Comments

Food was really good and at a very good price, the service was really quick and all the workers there were very friendly and I loved it. 10/10 would come again.
So glad we took a chance on this new restaurant! We have 3 Chinese restaurants in our own small town but Jasper China Restaurant came highly recommended by both a staff member of Sawridge Hotel and the girls at SnowDome Coffee Bar. Hands down some of the best Chinese food we've ever had!.
This is a great Chinese restaurant to go and enjoy your meals! The food tastes like traditional Cantonese food. Also, the service in here is super good. People working in the restaurant are very nice and friendly.

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Jasper China Restaurant
615 Patricia St., Jasper,
Jasper National Park,
AB T0E 1E0 Canada.
Phone: +1 (780) 852 3028
Business Hours:
12:00-21:00 (7 days a week)